Four Elements – Binaural Entrainment (Demo)

Brainwave Entrainment Meditations set to the Binaural Soundscape by Elijah of OneDoorLand and Subliminal Phoenix
Mandalas available for Digital Download

With these Meditations Subliminal Phoenix offers you a lantern: a flame to light your path into the four corners of your own mind. Within your energetic and neurological center, you have access to four naturally occurring brainwave states. Through the power of light and sound, you can activate these different realms at will.

These meditations have been created with care and intention to create a safe, powerful audio/visual landscape. The soundtrack is tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies, ancient healing tones rediscovered in the age of modern science. Each track has Binaural Beats to activate the desired brainwave state through audio entrainment. For optimal effect use a deep bass sound system or over-the-ear headphones.The visuals are created with custom generated fractals and the cymatic imprint of the audio track. Cymatics are the powerful visual representation of frequency, created by physically vibrating particles, revealing the geometric order hidden in our world. These visuals are best viewed on a projector, and please feel free to close your eyes during any session. The hypnotic effect of fractal imagery and mandala evolution gives you permission to simply breathe and let go.

Each of the Four Elements tracks are 10 minutes long and activate the chosen brainwave state. Air Clarity uses the stimulating high beta, gamma frequencies to unlock focus and energy, the solfeggio tone of ,852 returning to spiritual order, and the undertone is activating the pineal gland. Fire Creativity holds the 528 frequency of DNA Repair and stimulates the Alpha frequency of learning, inspiration, and the hypnogogic state of lucid living. Water Meditation, also in the love frequency 528, will offer a dip into the Theta frequency for trance induction, lucid dreaming, and relaxation. Earth Rejuvenation plays the solfeggio tone 396, liberating guilt and fear, and is utilizing the deepest frequency of Delta to promote deep sleep, rejuvenation, and a place for cellular healing.

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