Open Secret Bookstore – March 26-28 (Demo)


In-Person Workshop at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, California

Intro Evening – Friday March 25 – $10-20 Donation

2 Day Experience – March 26 – 27 – $150

Join the OneDoorLand team for a weekend experience, diving into the transformational power, love, and wisdom of the Gene Keys Transmission. The theme of this journey is Releasing Your Radiance and Cultivating Core Stability, tools and techniques to apply the infinite wisdom of the Gene Keys into the heart of your everyday life. Whether you are brand new to the Gene Keys, or a long time voyager and student, this two day deep dive is an opportunity for deep insight and transformation. 

Together we will create a sacred container for a deep experience to occur, individually and collectively, as we open to the Transmission of Living Wisdom. We will offer a combination of spoken word transmission, embodied presence, music as medicine, meditation, and examples of personal and collective transformation through the power of Life As Art. There is a tangible potency when humans gather together in a heightened field of connection and collective contemplation. Together we will tap into this current of energy to examine with authenticity and honesty our victim patterns and stories that hold us back from the overflowing creativity and vitality of this gift of life. 

Who is this workshop for? Whether you have never heard of the Gene Keys before this moment, or you have studied it from the beginning, this workshop has potential seeds of wisdom available for anyone willing to enter with authentic vulnerability. Some are magnetized to these gatherings to help restore balance and vitality to their body, mind, and soul. Some are drawn by the love of community, to share in a field of collective consciousness. Some are ready to up level their life and release the gift of their unique genius in greater levels of  beauty, coherency, and joy to the world. Whatever has brought you here, there is an endless possibility of wonder in store for you. Within every shadow, every constriction, every stressful challenging situation in our life there also lies the seed of liberation. The Gift is Waiting for us to Discover and Receive. Together we can learn to be honest in our introspection, open yet discerning in our relationships, and abundant in our prosperity. Wherever you are at on your personal path of cultivation, this is your invitation to share presence. The Gift You Are is welcome here. Come learn more about the Gene Keys through Embodied Presence and the magical alchemy of music and art. 

Limited Tickets Available – Click Here for Registration

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