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“Our life is a creative laboratory in which we discover, explore and shape the master work of art known as the Self”

Join Amma Li on a journey of Self-illumination.  Using the lenses of the Gene Keys, Astrology and Life as Art, Amma Li will guide you into an enriching investigation of your inner landscape.  Led by her loving presence and acute receptivity, each session provides a safe, coherent space for reflection and inquiry into your own unique design.  How can you more authentically embody and express your passion and purpose in the world?  Amma Li will assist you in identifying the core patterns that undermine your potential and invite you into an exploration of practices and tools to serve you in the process of liberating your light.  Drawing from years of immersive study with the Gene Keys, and her ingenuity as an artist and scientist of consciousness, Amma Li offers a fresh and original approach to working with the transmission.  Along with fluently translating its archetypal language into the heart of everyday life, she offers innovative pathways for you to creatively contemplate your keys, leaving you with inspiring prompts and exciting perspectives to take with you into your life.

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Personal Sessions via Skype or In-person 
-$64 – $128 (Sliding Scale)

6-part series – Unlocking your potential through the Prime Gifts

Through a combination of in-depth readings and coaching sessions, Amma will guide you through the self-transformation technology of your Activation Sequence where you will address your primary challenges, or shadows, and use them as leverage points to more deeply release your radiance and embody your true Gifts.
-$333 – $444

Creative Coaching

Work with Amma over an extended period of time to breakthrough to your next level of embodied presence and creative expression.  Whether focusing on reaching a specific goal or intending to more fully relax into your true nature, Amma will support you along the path of fulfillment.  In these on-going session you will develop skills to navigate your vibrational state, come to understand the mechanics of your shadows and clear the lenses of your reality to gain greater access to your essence.
-Only 2 spots available, flexible rates


Gene Key of the Day

Join Amma Li each week as we explore the connection between the Gene Keys and our everyday life. Amma Li brings her authenticity and genius insights using Astrology, Embodiment, Personal Stories, and interviewing other incredible beings to share their own unique reflection on the Gene Keys.

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