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Personal Consultations – Gene Key Sessions – Dreamwork Analysis – Sacred Tea Ceremonies

Elijah is a Tea Monk, Oracle, Community Leader, Musician, and the Director of Media for OneDoorLand. Elijah specializes in one on one sessions for reflection on personal, relational, and creativity based challenges. Elijah has dedicated the last five years to deeply integrate the language of the Gene Keys, sharing reflection from his own personal journey of cultivation and growth, and intuitive readings of each client. Elijah also weaves years of training in the shamanic tradition, brainwave entrainment and biofeedback, presence work with sacred tea, intuitive readings, and the alchemy of Life as Art.

In-person sessions include sacred tea. Sip the beauty and presence of old tree high vibrational tea to access deep heart/mind connection, utilizing the intelligence of plant spirit medicine to open the meridians and clear stagnant energy from the body.

Contact for questions or special requests

Scholarships and Package Deals Available on Request
Personal Session (75 min) – $160

Couples Session (1.5-2hr) – $220

Dreamwork Analysis (3hr) – $220

Four Session Package (once per month) – $500
Sacred Tea Ceremony (2.5 hr) – $250

Couples Gene Keys Session (2 hr – $220)

The Gene Keys is a personal voyage of self-illumination, and is a dedication first and foremost to personal introspection as a pathway to liberating relationships. After years of counseling relationships at every stage of development, Elijah now offers his reflections and insights into relationship dynamics using the lens of the Gene Keys. Each person will have time on their chart individually, in the presence of the the other partner. And then we will explore certain ways the two profiles connect and diverge, using real-life examples of relationship triggers, wounds, and liberated opportunities for greater joy, ecstasy, and love to blossom. Whether you are in a period of grief or conflict in need of mediation and facilitation of change in relationship dynamics, or you are fresh in the honeymoon phase of endless ecstasy and want to explore the potential future, these sessions can be intimate, vulnerable, and powerfully revealing.

Personal Dreamwork Analysis Session (3 hr – $220)

There is a language hidden in our dreams, messages from the depths of our subconscious asking to be illuminated. Dream Analysis in this way is one of the most powerful tools for self-inquiry and personal transformation I have ever encountered. A synthesis of ancestral wisdom and transpersonal psychology, this approach to inner diagnosis is a profound way to discover the unseen patterns unknowingly playing out in our everyday life. By engaging in this dream language, we enrich our capacity to handle emotional charge in our relationships, discover insight into unwinding past trauma, and cultivate a lucid living perspective to the dreaming language even in our waking life.

These 2-3 hour personal sessions provide a safe space for vulnerable, authentic sharing as we together discover the patterns in your dreams and use the dreaming language to decipher the message hidden inside. Sessions can be in-person (local) or via video conference (zoom or skype).

Four Session Package (1/month 75 min sessions – $500)

Create a more regular pulse with Elijah to help walk through your evolutionary process. With a more consistent coaching package, we have the opportunity to go deeper into your patterns and unlock your genius. These packages can either be focused on the Gene Keys, for example walking through the Golden Path (activation, venus, or pearl). Or they can simply follow the intelligence of your life, responding to whatever needs arise each month to aid in your development personally, relationally, or professionally. Contact Elijah for more details

Sacred Tea Ceremony (~$250)

Prices Range Depending on Request
Special Tea journeys for up to 6 people
Available for Event Booking for small tea lounges at events
Available for private events, house blessings, mediations, and creative sessions.

Contact for more info


Oracle Transmissions by Elijah

Experience the Oracle Transmissions of Elijah as we dive together into the stream of Living Wisdom. Elijah dedicates living his life as a walking prayer, utilizing the archetypal acupuncture of the Gene Keys to discover the subtleties of the shadow, the inspiring Gift hidden in every challenge, and the vast miracles of grace eternally nourishing us whether we know it or not. These videos include recordings of full length workshops by Elijah, offered free as a gift to the community.

See all of Elijah’s Oracle Transmissions on Vimeo

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Exploring the Elemental Essence of the Gene Keys

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Join Elijah for a practice in creative contemplation with the Gene Keys through music, storytelling, and weekly video transmissions. Together let’s drink in the elemental essence of each Key, and dance with the tao.

“Thank you so much to my global community for all of your support! Your donations help feed the dream so that I may continue to offer my time and energy to videos, music, and sessions sharing this enchanting and profoundly impactful transmission. To give back to my patrons, I will be creating exclusive content, including video transmissions on your unique Gene Keys profile! I also offer private one-on-one sessions to deepen the practice into your own life.

So if you feel called by the wisdom of the tao, become a patron to subscribe to these weekly videos, brew a cup of sacred tea, and drink in the elemental essence of the Gene Keys with me. “

-Elijah Parker

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  • Every 5.5 Days Elijah will create a new free video, drinking in the elemental essence of the Gene Key of the Day
  • Patrons who pledge $3/month will gain access to exclusive member-only content
  • Patrons who pledge $25/month will get a short video on your unique Gene Keys Activation Sequence, which will be shared to Patrons as a transmission on those 4 keys.
  • Patrons who pledge $100/month will get a monthly private one-on-one video session with Elijah

Special thanks to all everyone who supports this ongoing project. Feed the Dream and the Dream Feeds You!

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