Water Eye (Demo)


Water Eye

Water Eye channels the divine imagination with the incredible potency of her voice and presence.  She is an improvphetical oracle able to weave intricate lyrics, live in the moment, to articulate the energy of the moment. Water Eye architects soundscapes by live looping instruments and layering vocals.  This music transcends the borders of genre; integrating aspects of ambient, experimental, soul folk to down tempo, jazzy hip hop. Her soaring vocals inspire healing tears, laughter and palpable holy heart centered presence.

“I gave my name to Water in 2009 for the prayer of the water that calls me to live purely, in beauty and truth, and in right relation with all life. One of my favorite things to do is ask my listeners for three words, and freestyle improvise a song. I also invite people to become the song: their dance informs the song that informs the dance, weaving a potent biofeedback improvisational experience. I have had the privilege to travel internationally, sharing my muse, and I am blessed to currently reside in Portland Oregon as a creative community member of the magical mysterious love cauldron that is Onedoorland Synergenius Stew­dios.”

~Water Eye

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Dream Me Open

OneDoorLand is proud to present the latest Synergenius Stew collaboration of Water Eye and Eric Nez. These songs and paintings were created simultaneously, informing one another across the room as each artist dipped into the stream of life as art. Once you download, this album comes with a free eBook featuring the lyrics and paintings of each track.


Water & Light – Time Spirit

Water & Light is a new collaboration of OneDoorLand head chefs Water Eye & ElijahLive Looping Vocals and Instruments by Water Eye meets the cascading melodies of handpan by Elijah. Soundscapes and sonic journeys for the heart and soul, reflecting the Light of Truth upon the Waters of Love. 

This album was recorded live at OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. These songs were originally written and performed for Muse Dance Event “Ecstatic Zeitgeist”, elemental soundscapes to Feed the Spirit of Time.

Live Looping Vocals, Guitar, Djembe, & Kalimba – Water Eye
Handpan & Kalimba – Elijah
Mixing & Mastering by Water Eye and Theo Grace

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