Music Lessons with Theo (Demo)


Personal Music Lessons: Ableton Live – Singing – Songwriting

Theo began singing when he was a young boy, playing guitar in his adolescence, started producing and DJ-ing in high school, and then wrote his first song (with lyrics) in college. He is self-taught, and has spent thousands of hours, studying, exploring and learning these crafts, which are each vast worlds of knowledge, skill, and magic making. Creating and expressing the art that lives in our soul is one of the most challenging and ecstatic experiences we can have as humans. Honing and refining our skills is a worthy endeavor.

Theo is also available for coaching in Artistic Expression and Embodied Presence

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90 Minute Session
$60 – $100 Sliding Scale

To book a one-on-one session to explore and expand your creative expression send Theo an email at:

Examples of music by Theo Grace

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