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Embodying Conscious Community

Both the Paititi Institute and Onedoorland share a heart centered commitment to the idealistic vision that our global human family can collectively embody a harmonious, symbiotic and joyful existence with all life on earth.

From the beginning of our journey as organizations we have resonated deeply that we must “be the change” if we are ever to realize such a vision for all life. An ideal that can often be much easier to dream then to actualize. The truth is that even living in community with other like-hearted beings who are coming together in shared resonance can provide so many challenging opportunities for putting our personal evolution into practice.

Of course, throughout this journey we have experienced many more uplifting moments than the grueling ones, yet we have learned that it is inevitable for conflict to arise within a community setting and it is often the case that we will find a reflection of our light and shadow in a group. These interpersonal challenges have been blessings in disguise and powerful teachers for all of us who have seen them  through, since facing and embracing them holds the key to our true ability to bring benefit to others in a greater vision.

Throughout all of the lessons over the years, both the Paititi Institute and Onedoorland have cultivated a number of tools to weave personal evolution and transformation into the community building process.  When actively put into practice these tools have guided us to transform conflict and disagreements into creative friction, fueling personal and collective evolution as well as deeper relatedness. These tools are living and breathing alongside us and I am sure they will continue to evolve as we do. We are inspired to share some of what we have learned and to learn from each of your personal journeys.


“Paititi”, in Quechua, is an enlightened realm manifested through the awakening of our shared human heart. Through the awakened spirit of the individual comes the greatest potential for the transformation of the planet. The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of the Environment and Indigenous Culture is committed to embodying this paradigm shift and demonstrating what is possible through ordinary human efforts, in service to Mother Nature and the infinite human potential.

Through all of our programs, we dedicate our efforts to supporting a society of deep, nurturing and true values. We serve as an intercultural bridge, supporting individuals and communities to live activated, responsible and joyful lives in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes. As humans, we are inexorably linked to the earth and each other. As part of this magnificent symbiotic organism, we are dedicated to co-creating the enlightened world we all have in our hearts.

Paititi’s efforts to create a harmonious balance in human life and with this planet fall into 5 key categories:

  • Conserving and restoring the Earth’s natural resources
  • Preserving and integrating indigenous wisdom and culture
  • Cultivating health through traditional and natural methods
  • Embodying true stewardship via eco-regenerative, community living
  • Understanding consciousness and engaging in cognitive evolution

Through practical application of ancient wisdom within the modern world, we build bridges for the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of all people from all cultures and from all spiritual traditions and walks of life. In this natural way, we channel the healing and rejuvenation of the planet herself. Using holistic models based upon our points of focus listed above, we engage as a community to improve social and environmental life via spiritual evolution and maturation on the collective and individual levels. We utilize the planetary wisdom of humanity to become fully conscious and responsible human beings embracing our shared heart.

The ancient, unbroken, and living lineages of direct consciousness transmission are here to help all of us fully realize our true nature in the current turbulent times. By sharing our life experience with each other we create synergistic networks among all the like-hearted people in the world who are motivated by the freedom and liberation from suffering of all beings.


Through our work, we have identified three key aspects that directly, effectively, and positively impact our global culture.

Consciousness Transformation

Integrated ancestral wisdom mirrors life itself. With both as our teachers, we provide a supportive environment where people can voluntarily immerse in a guided and evolutionary process of self-realization. The tools and rites of passage cultivated within this sacred container allow individuals to resolve cultural conditioning and uncover their unique qualities, talents and skills, as well as cultivate these gifts within a social community setting.

Natural Healing and Disease Prevention

At Paititi, we utilize indigenous medicine practices and natural healing modalities from around the world to address sickness and disease on a variety of levels, from psycho-spiritual to somatic. In our experience, this approach to healing sicknesses and diseases targets the root of the dysfunctional conditions and eliminates them at their source, rather than merely addressing symptoms. Today, more than any other time in history, the world needs viable models for this type of comprehensive healing.

Stewardship & Eco-Regenerative Living

Paititi is committed to the preservation of natural resources and restoration of degraded landscapes, as well as to permaculture and natural farming techniques that create vibrant, local food economies. Our food forests and gardens serve as an educational model for others to replicate, provide an example of how to live in harmonious relationship with Pachamama (Mother Earth), and help to sustain our community. Our land-based community in Peru is a sanctuary where we put these values into practice and embody a holistic model for the world.


The Paititi Institute act as guardians and stewards of a pristine and ancient 4000 acres in the Mapacho Valley of the Peruvian Andes bordering the Manu National Reserve. This land, located in the Machu Picchu region, has been a cradle of Incan and pre-Incan civilizations for thousands of years and is known in the area as the historical location of the Incan trail (Capagñan) into Paititi (the enlightened realm).

Through its unique position on the edge of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest there exist three distinct ecological climate zones allowing for an incredible variety of food. We can grow all the tropical foods at the base such as yuca, plantains and mangos; all the amazing temperate climate foods such as apples, peaches, pears and leafy greens; and all the high sierra plants at the property’s peaks, including quinoa and potatoes. There is fresh and pristine spring water, old growth forest, over 20 waterfalls, majestic peaks, rich fertile soil, ancient ruins nearby and infinite magic yet to be discovered.

“Our intention is that our work can serve as a symbol for the reversal of ancestral karma where this land will now once again be utilized with the same intention and purpose of Love, Harmony and Reciprocity that the ancients had. The Spirit of the land is still very powerfully reverberating with the epic beauty and might of the primordial heart. The land is also located at one of the last frontiers of the known world next to a vast and unexplored area where some of the only remaining uncontacted indigenous tribes still live today. It is of utmost essence to protect these people in this area of need from the invasion of commercial and illegal mining as well as logging that is happening more and more every day.

We have come so far and at the same time this is just the beginning. We are now grounding in this collective dream-come-true and are in active development of infrastructure and gardens. All development of the center follow regenerative Permaculture principles. There is a LOT of work to be done and we extend our welcome for all of you to share in the journey. We continue to welcome collaboration and support on all levels so that we can continue cultivating sustainability, happiness, peace and co-existence with our community throughout the world.” – The Paititi Institute

The Paititi Institute has recently acquired a beautiful one acre land overlooking the Sacred Valley about 45 minutes from Cusco. The land offers the perfect balance between access and immersion in nature.

“At this time we are in the design and planning phase for this property. Our intention is to create a center for short term transformation retreats as well as a space for participants with more serious health conditions who are unable to travel to Paititi’s main center.”

Our land-based communities are a central and foundational pillar of our work. It is there that we work to fully embody the accrued wisdom of humanity that we all have access to in today’s world. Here we are manifesting a harmonious relationship with our community, mother earth, the universe and ourselves in the most practical way possible.

Because people cannot fully benefit others while confused or disturbed themselves, each member of the community is involved in their own evolutionary growth. This individual work supports the collective process of transformation and ultimately benefits everyone involved, on inner and outer landscapes. The consciousness transforming and healing practices for the land and the people of our community have been employed by ancient cultures for many millennia. This allows everyone within the community to unravel their highest potential, talents and skills as well as share these gifts together in the most humble way possible, recognizing the highest potential of others for the greatest benefit of everyone.

Our community serves as an intercultural bridge between many ancient cultures from around the globe, with the primary influences being the live uninterrupted transmission lineages of the Ando-Amazonian cultures and their connection with the enlightened stream of consciousness channeled by the Tibetan tradition. Both Tibetan and Andean cultures specifically prophesized about this ancestral reunification as a fusion of wisdom and power together. Whereas the Ando-Amazonian cultures have retained the tools and practices that tap into the creative source of natural life force in the universe, the Tibetan tradition has been focused on maintaining a clear direction of how to channel this universal life force in the most beneficial, objective and non-dual way for the benefit of all beings.

Working and learning side by side with indigenous cultures for over a decade, we have identified three main aspects of a healthy functioning community:

  1. Healthy and organic food sources that thrive in an abundant natural environment – Since ancient times, communities have gathered around food as a sacred center that nourishes the bond of life. Our permaculture program has been devoted for the past three years to the restoration of degraded landscape, soil building techniques, and active reforestation of destroyed rainforest with forest gardens as well as introducting our neighbors and surrounding communities to living and viable examples of eco-regenerative living.
  2. Ceremonial practices, rites of passage and consciousness transforming tools that allow for individual and communal evolutionary development. Understanding how to effectively resolve the conflicts that inevitably arise within any community can transform these conflicts into creative frictions that make possible a shared foundation, common purpose and authentic understanding among community members. This commitment to self-inquiry and education includes, in Paititi’s long-term plans, the development of an alternative school for children, as well as its existing adult education center, continuous workshop offerings, intentional community courses and transformation retreats. Our understanding in this area and commitment to growth is based on natural and sustainable ways of living, as derived from models both ancestral and modern.
  3. Natural healing and disease prevention practices that embody vibrant nutrition, and synthesize medicinal plants with psychosomatic energy healing approaches.  We put this value into practice through the resolution of a wide range of chronic and terminal illnesses at our Indigenous Medicine Center for the international community and communal clinics for the local and native populations in the areas surrounding our centers. Unfortunately, many of these communities have lost connection with their original heritage and healing wisdom, and are not receiving any legitimate help from local government and healthcare.

Our community is an expression of the change we wish to see in the world. We work to offer a living, breathing example that embodies a new paradigm of responsibility and co-existence. All of the approaches implemented at our eco-village, such as the eco-regenerative living, community development, evolutionary consciousness transformation and natural healing practices, are designed to be effective models that can also be implemented on a larger scale as outreach programs and projects that the Paititi Institute shares with intentional communities and heart-based conscious organizations around the globe. We are deeply inspired to do our part and support the unity of diversity on our planet for many generations to come.

The Embodying True Nature retreat is a month long journey held at the Paititi Institute mountain sanctuary in the Macchu Picchu region. During the retreat, participants immerse in the intuitive universal structure of the nature of existence through the inner, direct and non-conceptual experience of self, supported by indigenous ancestral wisdom.

The structure and content of the retreat specifically allow participants to face and challenge themselves and grow in the most direct and harmonious way, as observed in many ancient cultures and indigenous spiritual traditions from around the world. This approach helps participants to become healthy human beings in human bodies. Participants recognize and let go of stale concepts, habitual patterns, repressed emotions, inhibitions, fears, traumas and all other energetic limitations on the way to becoming a totally free, luminous being overflowing with universal love and compassion.

At this time we currently hold this retreat twice a year. For More Information visit –

Coming Soon. OneDoorLand is co-producing the upcoming Paititi online course to engage our global community with Amazonian, Andean, and Tibetan practices for evolutionary healing. Stay tuned to for updates.


Roman Hanis
Roman Hanis has been working closely with the indigenous Peruvian cultures in the Amazonian rainforest and Andean mountains since 2001. During this time he has devoted this life to learning the ancient healing ways of these cultures while seeking possibilities for creating ecological sources of sustenance for local populations and working to preserve the rainforest and its spiritual heritage of sacred medicinal plants.


Cynthia Robinson
Since childhood, Cynthia Robinson has had a deep love for nature and natural healing. She always knew she would devote her life in service to the healing of people and the planet. Cynthia got her BA at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design with a focus in Design, Communication and Creative Problem Solving. After graduation, she pursued her passion to bring deeper values for nature and humanity. She has since devoted the past 7 years in passionate service to the Paititi Institute.


Elijah Parker
Elijah is a Tea Monk, Oracle, Community Leader, and Media Director, dedicated to creating and curating content for the ever-evolving expression of the Living Wisdom Embodied in Art, Music, Video, and Dance. Elijah is also the co-founder of OneDoorLand Synergenius Stewdios, an alchemical art sanctuary, temple, tea school, and community of artists living in Portland Oregon.

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