Tea Journey with Po (Demo)


In our sessions we use rare teas of a quality seldom found in the West; teas from trees hundreds of years old, teas from sacred mountains, wild forests and pristine valleys, teas aged for 10-50 years. These teas are considered sacred in Asia and it is a rare privilege to be able to drink them. They can bring you into a state of deep relaxation and profound states of awareness. They rejuvenate, restore, heal and revitalize the system….come drink with us.

“Humbly sit, Humbly drink, Humbly walk through the clouds.”

“Tea Journeys are my main work, in these sessions we drink a variety of rare teas in series, each of which will shift your awareness, open you and take you to new places within yourself. It is like rather like drinking a song, each tea is a note and stringing the notes together produces a beautiful journey through the vibrations of Self and Nature. During these voyages I communicate the essence of the spirit of tea as well as educate people about the art of tea. I offer the experience of tea, using teas which relax, open, restore, heal, and cleanse body, mind and spirit. It is truly a magical, fun experience and deeply healing.” – Tea Monk Po

To Schedule a Session please contact teamonkpo@gmail.com or call 503-230-0953 for more details.

School of Sacred Tea Arts – www.heavenstea.com

What to expect during a Tea Journey:

Amidst the magical gardens of OneDoorLand you will find a tea temple filled with visionary art, incense, chocolate, candles, and beautiful music. With intention, attention, a sense of service and an open being, the tea preparer creates an environment in which others can truly feel a deeper part of themselves and a larger dimension of life (and laughter-tea is profound but not serious). Tea is a vehicle to feel that each moment is special and transcendent and this ritual creates the sense of the beauty of each unfolding moment. These sessions are always different, and always relaxed and fun. You job is simply to show up, enjoy and let me share my art with you.

About the Teas used for Tea Journeys

The rare teas and herbs used are from sacred mountains and valleys and have amazing flavor and aroma profiles: earth, wood, dried fruits wild flowers, moss, rain, bark, and other flavors which it is hard to find language for. They are evocative, stirring up deep memories of places seen and unseen. They are from sacred mountains, hidden valleys, wild places, from bio-diverse landscapes filled with flowers, herbs, trees, fungi- all of which add to the special power of these teas. It is often like drinking a whole landscape and all of nature contained in it. Each tea has a specific energy or “chi” which effects the channels and chakras in the body- opening, cleansing, harmonizing, balancing, transcending. Come and have a new experience!

To Schedule /Cost

These journeys can be for anywhere form 1 to 7 people, every journey is different and the teas are picked according to the flow of the day, the universal energy, and the state of the guests. Please call for details. 503-230-0953.

Average time is 1.5 hour, longer sessions are available.

1 Person-$100
2-4 People: $150-200/person depending on the desired rarity of teas and the depth of the session.
4-7 People: $35-50/person depending on the desired rarity of teas and the depth of the session.

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