Vocal Alchemy with Water (Demo)


Water Eye of The church of the Sacred Cipher and Onedoorland Synergenius Stew-dios Presents

Four Sessions for FREEDOM!

    The courting and reCording of your voice

A four session ceremonial romance guided by tea, meditation and a 20 yr experienced vocal alchemist.

A journey of unveiling the magic that is closest to you…Your Voice!


First Session: Tea and Tale-Courting your voice

Using techniques rooted in hypnosis, theta healing and nidra yoga; you will be invited into a meditative state to court the story of your voice. To remember and welcome the origins of inspiration, wounding, and empowerment. And to welcome and allow your voice to tell its story.


Second Session: Romancing the Tone

We will begin with a breathing exercise and some simple vocal warm ups and then begin gently teasing your voice to tone. You will be invited to sing along with the powerful harmonium allowing your voice to merge with the sound outside of you. We will then explore toning more gently together with just our voices. Then you will be invited and assisted to tone alone with your voice slightly amplified thru headphones to experience the sound from within you. Noticing the subtle reactions and responses thru it all.  Allowing, Accepting and Embracing all that arises.


Third Session: Linear and Circular Communication Exploration-Sacred Cipher

We will begin this session with a brief review and integration sharing by communicating with form and formless expression, noticing the differences. We will then enter a sacred cipher, exploring and taking turns freestyling to a beat (no experience necessary and all expression safe and welcomed). This session will be recorded, listened to, harvested and edited for the final recording session.


Fourth Session: reCording your voice -your take away session

We will begin this session with a brief review, breathing practice and vocal warm ups. We will then either begin or continue listening, harvesting and editing the freestyle recording. And then…you will have an opportunity to make a simple recording of your song which will be yours to take with you,

(options to go deeper into the recording process will be presented at the end of this session)            


Allow two hours for each session

55$ per session or 200$ for all four





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