Patreon – Gene Key of the Day with Amma Li Grace (Demo)

The show must go on!
The Gene Key of the Day has been such a fun, insightful and inspiring journey for me and my audience.  After completing one year of tracking the Sun through the Gene Keys, I took a pause to consider what might happen next.  What emerged out of this space astonished me… So much support coming from all angles, requesting the show go on and in fact ‘we will support you to do so!’
So this campaign has really arisen from all of you who watch the show and feel called to support me in taking the time and energy to make it!
With a new baby, everything takes more energy and time 😉
So… I am very excited to keep the show going!  We will focus on current planetary transits as they move through the Gene Keys, and look at what lessons we can learn, what themes to look out for in our daily lives and what creative streams are open to us in the moment.  The Sun was the focus of last year, and now, we will expand up our gaze and listen to the other planetary bodies that play a role in the dance of our reality.
Your contributions will allow my pour more of my love into this creative offering.  They will encourage me to do the best job I can by creating a feedback loop of value that will inspire me to take the show to its next level.  They will also support me and my family as we raise our baby from home.
Thank you so much for believing in me and my offering.  I give it with great love!!!

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