Entheo Electronic – Ecstatic Elements (Demo)

Entheo’s latest release combines rich tonal textures with elevating melodic riffs in a cinematic marriage between ambient and downtempo electronic. Like the phases of a sunrise, Ecstatic Elements offers a broad spectrum of sonic colors, with particular melodic and percussive themes echoing throughout the album. Loops are recycled, samples are remixed, and melodies are transposed, giving the elements a variety of landscapes to play in and express their musical ecstasy.

Feel and savor this music like you would smell a rose, or taste a delicious piece of fruit, chocolate, or a decadent heirloom tomato. Whatever your simple sensory passion may be, treat this music as though it too is living nourishment. Take in every nuance and witness how it moves you. Dance with the emotions and energies, and whatever comes up, go with it. Love it’s flowering truth. And then come back into the moment and keep breathing and feeling.

And stay tuned for Kriyanna Feyalove’s guided meditations, the catalyzing project that gave birth to this music. Kriyanna’s Ecstatic Awakening Meditations are dynamic and active meditative journeys that invigorate and awaken powerful kundalini energy to inspire and balance the physical mental and emotional bodies.

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