I Am Mother God – Sophia Emigh (Demo)

For you, Binah.

In collaboration with the sisters of Binah Sophia Rose Zing.

voices and movement:
Amma Lightweaver
Antje Martina Schaefer
Arakai Moon
Binah Zing
Carrie Anne Huneycutt
Heather Beckett
Heather Talbot
Jody Levy
Katie Rose
Kyla Benfield
La Laurrien
Laurel Kitten
Niema Lightseed
Rebekah (aka Water Dropz)
Sophia Emigh
Violet MoonRain
words by Binah Zing–
film by Sophia Emigh —
additional video by Brett Lee Gillean
music by Entheo (Theo Brama & Amma Lightweaver)
family by Elijah, Amma, Theo, Po, Brett, Water, Charlie
fueled by Heaven’s Tea

I am mother god.
naked on the altar of your heart
unapologetic in my holy holy birthday suit
I am god
seated on her throne
the womb~ manifest world of
and blood
I am god
in all her glory
guardian of gaia
muse of the mystery
breath of spirit’s prayer
I am a contemplation of eternity’s imagination
I am a most divine manifestation
I am the fucking universe herself
unstoppable in her everythingness
unstoppable in her deepest yes
the secrets to life, death and resurrection
revealed through my flesh and love
discovery of quintessential
inside elemental ecstasy
tickling the transcendental
I am god
My gentleness is strength
surrender into total grace
my silence ~ utter knowing
this smile ~heaven glowing
I am pregnant with the sound
I am ambassador of the one
As I behold the mystery
my lips begin to kiss the trees
I am the cool rush of wisdom’s flow
walk and feel the patterns’ sweet sweet glow
as all dance the shape of this one great spiraling beloved
so we can never ever ever ever be lost.
and when you come to me
I am the quiet eyes that say yes, yes, yes I know baby.
eternal opening
Infinite surrender
infinite and eternal
humbled in your presence
I invite you in
to behold the mysteries inside my skin
inviting you in
to revel in nature’s holiest tome
that moves as light through hollow bone.
I am the essence of the yessence
orgasmic fountain of grace’s breath
let us be boundless bliss
and perfect peace
For I am unstoppable joy, and untouchable purity,
I am so fucking juicy
I am the glorious release
into love’s fiercest knowing.
I am your Queen, Beloved sister of your soul
I am mother
and baby
lover of lady
I am apple of your eye
I am honey sweet sweet thigh
I am parted lips and eyes gentle kiss
beckoning you deeper still into my infinite gaze
I am the light of love that never fails
I am the heart’s ceaseless spacious understanding
I am always here.
I am the best surprise.
the beauty of a heart’s wish granted
the mastery of highest art
the untold blessings of this most precious life
I am forever grateful, mister e’s wife.
as nature’s glory unfolds her wings of light
I birth the shebang through darkest night
I am so glad to be here
I am so blessed to see clear
in the dawn of true harmony never lost
and now beheld
in the clouds and stars our prayers are cast and erase all of horrid past
forever in deep admiration
sparkling in consecration
signed with love by heaven’s quill~
make me god a conduit of thy will~
—your blessed Binah

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