CoCrea Dance (Demo)

Reconnecting Culture to its Source: People

Cocréa was born from a vision to reinvigorate social partner dance as an integral facet of popular culture. As the conscious dance movement gains momentum, this vision stands on the precipice of being realized. Every day more science emerges to support the benefit to wellness offered by mindful movement, healthy social engagement and physical contact between humans. Cocréa Conscious Partner Dance is poised to bring together the spheres of embodiment, mindfulness, social partner dance and conscious dance to provide potent, positive transformational experiences for countless individuals.

Entering our fourth year of co-creation, my partner, Antje, and I have dedicated ourselves to developing a holistic movement modality with the power to improve people’s lives in the areas of communication, confidence, self-esteem, well-being, leadership and followship, intimacy and relational intelligence. For me, Cocréa represents the culmination and continuing evolution of over 17 years of partner dance exploration informed by a theater background centered in expressing the authentic truth of any given moment. Paired with a fascination and practice of spirituality and meditation from a very early age, and a growing understanding and integration of relationship and sexuality, Cocréa is an expression and extension of my intention to live an evolutionary life; envisioning and enacting a more peaceful, unified humanity at home with being embodied (in bodies).

Thanks to communication technology and the internet, we now see and experience the truth that we are in relationship with every other being on this planet. Though our cultures remain distinct and intact however changing, our humanity is burning through our separation, and connected, lightly structured dance founded in drawing out the unique and authentic expression of two or more individuals can provide a universal solvent – a translator with the power to bypass verbal language – for whatever barriers still remain. Cocréa is such a dance.

“Joyfully embrace uncertainty in any situation.”

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