Synergenius Stew Improv Music (Demo)

The Synergenius Stew+Dios

This OneDoorLand Jam Band continues to experiment and explore the ecstatic state of the Emergent Now. The place at the edge of the mystery, the gnosis of self through complete lucid surrender, cultivating hive mind telepathy through deep listening. Combining Harp,  Handpan, Guitar, Voice, and many other instruments, this Synergenius Stew will continue to brew.

OneDoorLand will continue to record and offer Live Albums as a glimpse into the Synergenius Stew, to see what happens when we add excellent musical ingredients from different realms into a cauldron of creativity together.

All Donations to Synergenius Stew Bandcamp will go back into our Studios fund to fuel more music production, instruments, recording equipment, and travel expenses to bring this music to more people around the world. Thank you for your support!

Live at Hawk’s Hill

Live Improvisational Jams with Elijah, Theo, and Marshall during our recording of OneDoorLand album “Lover’s Leap”. Recorded in the beautiful sanctuary music studio at Hawk’s Hill.

Embark on the hero’s journey through these tracks of emergent music. Listening to the energy, we dove into the present moment and allowed spontaneous songs to guide the way. The twists and turns of this highly kinetic album are inspired by the winged hunters of the the sky, and the calming roots of the ancient trees surrounding the Center of Awakening Presence.

Handpan – Elijah of OneDoorLand –
Guitar – Theo of Entheo –
Tabla – Marshall Lefferts –

New Year’s Portal

Synergenius Stew+Dios Live Jam Session
New Years Portal 12/30-1/3

All of these recordings were improvised live at community gatherings at OneDoorLand Alchemical Art Sanctuary, in the presence of our Blessed Baby Bijah –

This album is an expression of emergent creativity – the intense presence the radiates from improvisational music. To enter into the current of life, listening so deeply to the other musicians, you can lose the sense of separation. These pieces are expressions of the eternal flow of life, opening our hearts in our relationships by diving with devotion into the moment. By cultivating a consistent container for creating “flow state”, I continue to heal and rejuvenate body mind and soul. I hope these blessed tunes resonate with your journey through this incredible gift of Life.

Special Thanks to the entire OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew.
Feed the Dream and the Dream Feeds You!
Donations go to fund the continued creation of epic music.


Handpan, Vocals, & Djimbe – Elijah Parker
Guitar & Vocals – Theo Grace of
Harp – Dave Hoover
Handpan – Kursten Brewer
Kalimba & Vocals – Alyshakti Ma
Vocals – Amma Li Grace
Djimbe And Handpan – Water Eye
Baby Coos by Bijah Grace

Zen Handpan (Equator & Saraz C)
Symphonic Steel Handpan (Sapphire)
Pantheon Steel Halo (Golden Gate)
Kalimba Magic Hugh Tracey (Pentatonic G)

Water & Light – Time Spirit

Water & Light is a new collaboration of OneDoorLand head chefs Water Eye & ElijahLive Looping Vocals and Instruments by Water Eye meets the cascading melodies of handpan by Elijah. Soundscapes and sonic journeys for the heart and soul, reflecting the Light of Truth upon the Waters of Love. 

This album was recorded live at OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. These songs were originally written and performed for Muse Dance Event “Ecstatic Zeitgeist”, elemental soundscapes to Feed the Spirit of Time.

Live Looping Vocals, Guitar, Djembe, & Kalimba – Water Eye
Handpan & Kalimba – Elijah
Mixing & Mastering by Water Eye and Theo Grace

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