Medicine Buddha Portal (Demo)

Painting by Eric Nez

Visuals by Elijah

Music “Prayer of the Spheres” by Return of the Bird Tribes –

Video featuring Water & Light ( and Subaqueous (

Teyata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Bekanze Radza Samu Gate Soha

“It feels like full circle, bringing my projection light art of moving mandalas and cymatics back into the festival world last week for Imagine. Such an honor to project sacred forms of light onto the holy artwork of Eric Nez, featuring the Medicine Buddha Mantra. We both share a deep love for this practice, cleansing body mind and soul with the resplendent lapis light of healing. This projection mapped painting was featured at Imagine Festival, a glowing center piece to glorious music throughout the late nights. These visuals represent my work within Subliminal Phoenix, merging modern and ancient technologies to invoke tuned fields of harmony and balance. Though it began as an exploration of biofeedback and brainwave entrainment, these forms of digital meditation are beginning to evolve as I deepen my practice with Transmission Art and sacred tea ceremony. It is an honor to work along side my dear brother Eric Nez and his majestic prayerful paintings. Stay tuned for more of our collaborations!¬†And we hope to bring these projection mapped pieces to more events in the future!

May the glorious light of Lapis Lazuli shine upon you. May all beings be happy and nourished, may all beings be free of suffering” – Elijah

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