Lover’s Leap (Demo)

Lover’s Leap


It takes great courage to leap into love

To love someone so deeply, sometimes you lose the very ground beneath your feet

To lose a loved one is one of the greatest fears of the human heart

One of the greatest tragedies

And yet it is a part of the cycle of life

To live, to love, to leave this body for another story to begin


These songs were written as apart of my healing journey, my journey of grief as praise

Traveling upstream to deliver the ashes of my Beloved Binah Zing back to the ocean

To the Island of Galiano where she was first conceived

To the Island of Cortes for the Gene Keys Seven Sacred Seals event she dreamed of being apart of

And finally to the island of Orcas where she departed from this world, disappearing into the sparkling reflections of Diamond Bay

As her ashes melted into the crystal waters, I played her these songs, written for the Beloved


It takes great courage to leap into love

To choose to love another, even after losing my dear Binah

I choose to love with all my heart, love my partner Carrie Anne, love my family, love my community

I choose to pray with every particle of my being, through every note, through every breathe


I offered these songs I had written, eyes soft with tears, heart trembling with fears

I was no musician, I was just a fool who wanted to play

And my allies, my dear friends, circled around these portals of praise

They wove their music around my compositions in perfect harmony

They helped me have the courage to Leap


To leap into love…

every day


Though it is terrifying sometimes, this mystery calls for us to surrender into her glory

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These are songs of beauty, of Grief As Praise, of great offerings to the Beloved

The Beloved inside every cell

The Beloveds we have lost

The Beloveds we dance with still

The Beloveds we have not yet discovered

The Beloved is always here

If we have the courage to leap


Special Thanks to the masterful musicians Manose Singh (, Marshall Lefferts ( Theo Brama (, and Richard who helped craft these beautiful songs. Thank you Teresa and Wendy of the Center of Awakening Presence for offering us time in your music studio to record. Thank you Amma Li, Bijah, Carrie Anne, Po, and all of our OneDoorFul family for adding your magic and support to this unfolding.

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WOW…This is exquisitely beautiful!
Thank you SO much dear ones and forever bless our passing beloveds…
A quote from beloved butoh dance teacher Kazuo Ohno who passed on Memorial Day 2010:
“As soon as a flower blossoms in all its glory,
its petals begin to disappear secretly into my heart.
I wave to them
“bye bye”
and look forward to meeting them again.
I wave
“bye bye”
to those spirits that come and go
just as I bid farewell
to those scattering petals.”

Love, Momo

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