Spring Update (Demo)

Blossoming Spring

Events, Art, & Magic from OneDoorLand

It was a deep winter for many here in the Pacific Northwest, buried beneath snow, grey skies, and purifying in the depths of the inner realms. Yet the cycles of life continue to reveal the rebirth on the other side of every dark winter. The sun is piercing through the clouds, shining its brilliant light on sprouts as they burst through the thick soil, and spring blossoms opening their petals to receive life ever more deeply. May we all too open our petals and drink in the sun.

OneDoorLand has re-awoken from its slumber and is excited to pour out creative offerings, exciting opportunities, and magical prayers for our entire community. We began this Spring on April Fool’s day, invoking the Creative Rebel and the Sacred Fool within us all. To bravely step forward into the mystery of life. In these turbulent times it is essential to remember the playful innocent spirit of love. It is a time to harness the liberating potential of Art!

Will you join OneDoorLand in our mission to spread Joy, Beauty, Inspiration, and Wonder into the world? To find the clues on this modern-day quest? To reveal the keys hidden amidst the shadows of our challenges and conflicts?

Community Dreamwork – Free Webinar Series

There is a language hidden in our dreams, messages from the depths of our subconscious asking to be illuminated. Join OneDoorLand for a communal deep dive into the inner archetypes of the psyche. Learn the Dreaming Language from the Paititi Institute perspective, and engage in the detective story of your own mind. Click here for more information

Featured Artist of the Month

Isaac Parker – One28 Studios

OneDoorLand recognizes Isaac for his talents of design, devotion to research and practicing techniques, and his creative rebellious spirit to break the rules in the name of greater beauty. This Dallas based artist has been through many challenges in life, but continues to rise to each trial and discover the gift hidden within the shadow, through the alchemy of his Life as Art. Please view his online shop and consider supporting this up-and-coming designer. His products are of excellent quality, handcrafted with love, and are affordable gifts for friends and loved ones. View Shop

The OneDoorLand Team is dedicated to continue its creative contributions to the Gene Keys community through Virtual and In-Person Retreats.

Releasing Your Radiance Weekend Retreat

Living in the Current of Your Purpose

This Memorial Day Weekend, join the OneDoorLand team for an in-person Gene Keys Retreat in the Magical Redwoods, May 26 – 28. We will gather at a beautiful private estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains and deepen into the Gene Keys Transmission together

During this retreat you will have an opportunity to explore your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile in an experiential way. We will journey together for the entire weekend, creating a safe container for authentic sharing and deep transformation. We will cook, sleep, share and dance together. We will dive deep . . . .  and we will rise up . . .  and we will be real the whole way through.

Come share your discoveries, ask your questions and engage in your hero’s journey of transformation in a living sanctuary of community. Together we will help cultivate new awareness in everyday life, and practice an embodied approach to discover the gift hidden in every challenge.

Only 6 Tickets still available – Click Here for more information

Gene Keys Community
Breakout Group Session Saturday

The Venus Stream Webinars are now all available for replay, join anytime for any price. This companion course is a great way to deepen your exploration of the Venus Sequence. We will continue to host these monthly community calls as a safe, authentic space for support and contemplation.

Join this Session
SATURDAY, APRIL 15TH @ 12pm PT, 3pm ET,  8pm UTC
Click the link at the designated time to join this free breakout group session

Alternate Access Information:
Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 827 279 139
International numbers available

These general community breakout group sessions are open to anyone exploring the Gene Keys.

Each session will have an introduction and invitation for collective contemplation followed by open time for small groups to share insights and challenges from personal experience with the Gene Keys wisdom.

Session size limited to 100 participants.

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