Gemini Brett “Eclipse Magic” (Demo)

Saturday Evening Performance $18 (Saturday June 10th at 7:07PM)
Sunday Workshop $40 (Sunday June 11th at 12:35PM)
Weekend Pass Both the Saturday Evening Performance and the Sunday workshop for discounted price of $50

Limited Tickets Available

Location: OneDoorLand Tea Temple – SE Portland near 122nd/Foster

Seattle StarryTeller Gemini Brett is landing at OneDoorLand to present a shamanic slideshow designed to entertain, educate, and amaze.

Saturday Evening Presentation

7:07PM on 6/10 – $18 – Up to 36 Participants

Join this journey into Space and you will return with a deep understanding of Eclipse Astronomy, Astrology, Mystery, and Hidden History. You will learn how eclipses have lineage and see that the 18-year heartbeat of this particular eclipse family seems to link with the ancient omen, “Death of the King.” But what exactly does that mean? Regardless, some August astrological advice for the Trumpelstiltskin might be: “Duck!” More importantly… what about US? Will this Heavenly happening bring further division to our land or can it serve to Unite our State of mind, body, and Spirit? It’s been 38 years since Total Solar Eclipse has come our way to bring the riddle of night in the middle of day. What bright Light might we find when we personally engage with this strange Shadow play? Learn to tune into this most magical portal and compost that which you choose to leave behind into rich soil for planting seeds of the new you!

Take it deeper in the Sunday Workshop

12:35pm on 6/11 – $50, Both events for $40 – Up to 12 Participants

How does this most magical window of Eclipse Alchemy apply to YOU personally? In this intimate workshop we will examine the August eclipse alignments to our birth charts, share story, and hold Space for our personal and community ascent towards a brighter day.

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