“Life As Art” Weekend – Bend OR (Demo)

OneDoorLand presents “Life As Art” – an Oracular Music and Improvphetical Performance (Friday, June 23rd, 7-10pm) followed Saturday by a full-day art-portal-playshop experience for those who want to deepen their own practice and embodiment of “Life As Art” (Saturday, June 24th, 11am-7pm).


OneDoorLand invites you into these intentional spaces to bring ourselves more deeply into the prayer of life, in the wondrous theater of existence, and into more intimate and honest connection with ourselves and the world around us. From here, we witness the growth of community, a nourishing garden to support a new way of living and learning with each other.


More details about the 2 specific offerings, as well as ticket prices/links are below; thank you for your support. It is an honor to get to travel to Bend and bring our entire OneDoorLand family and temple with us. Feed the Dream and the Dream Feeds You!

Friday evening performance, 7-10pm – Presale, $15; @The Door, $20
Saturday Art Portal Playshop, 11am-7pm – $88
Weekend Pass (both events) – $100

FRIDAY: Oracular Music & Improvphetical Concert/Performance
Experience a night of mystery and magic through music, improvisational oracles and alchemical theater curated by the Onedoorland Synergenius Stew. Melodic handpans and kalimbas cascading into strings and serenading vocals … blend poetry and acoustic medicine songs with the living language of jam band jazz and the Gene Keys. OneDoorLand believes music is medicine, and we aspire to create a serious-silly container of prayer and beauty for deep transformation and collective liberation.

SATURDAY: Art Portal Playshop & Sacred Tea Ceremony
(*Bring a potluck item for community lunch*)
The following day, OneDoorLand will continue to stir the stew, and invite newcomers to learn more about our way of “Life as Art”.
We come together as a community to co-inspire the deepening of our CREATIVE POTENTIAL. Each of our synergenius chefs will share stories, secrets and techniques we have found on our journey of community improv as a cultivation practice. We will then create an interactive experience where our participants can expand their creative capacity together through modalities such as: painting, drawing, singing, dancing, creating beauty, and even the prayer of stillness and silence. All while holding such inquiries as: How can we use our creative mediums as vehicles for awakening? How can we utilize the synergy of a coherent field as a launch pad into our higher creative capacities? This art-portal-playshop also includes a sacred tea ceremony.

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