Upcoming Summer Events! (Demo)

Gemini Brett “Eclipse Magic” at OneDoorLand (Portland, OR – June 10/11)

Saturday Evening (6/10) at 7:07pm & Sunday Workshop (6/11) at 12:35pm

Seattle StarryTeller Gemini Brett is landing at OneDoorLand to present a shamanic slideshow designed to entertain, educate, and amaze. Join for an evening of astrology, astronomy, alchemy, magic, mystery, music, tea, and hidden history. (up to 36 participants for evening presentation)

Take the journey deeper with an intimate workshop on Sunday, limited to 12 participants. Discount price for purchase of both events.

Learn more and purchase tickets – https://genekeys.onedoorland.com/product/gemini-brett-eclipse-magic/

OneDoorLand Weekend at Sol Alchemy (Bend, OR – June 23/24)

OneDoorLand presents “Life As Art” – an Oracular Music and Improvphetical Performance (Friday, June 23rd, 7-10pm) followed Saturday by a full-day art-portal-playshop experience for those who want to deepen their own practice and embodiment of “Life As Art” (Saturday, June 24th, 11am-7pm).

OneDoorLand invites you into these intentional spaces to bring ourselves more deeply into the prayer of life, in the wondrous theater of existence, and into more intimate and honest connection with ourselves and the world around us. From here, we witness the growth of community, a nourishing garden to support a new way of living and learning with each other.

The Synergenius Stew gang is excited to be bringing a whole caravan of masterful musicians and magicians, art, and tea! Join us in Bend and let’s Portal!


Learn more and purchase tickets – https://www.facebook.com/events/920785631395590

Gene Keys Society Gathering (Victoria, BC – July 29)

OneDoorLand is excited to journey to Victoria BC to participate in the Gene Keys events happening July 28-29. Amma, Theo, and Elijah will be traveling from their home in Portland Oregon bringing music, tea, and magical offerings of Life As Art to the Gene Keys community gathering in Canada. Check out the Gene Keys Society Gathering to learn more!


Private Tea Sessions with Elijah (Victoria, BC – July 30th-August 2nd)

While in Canada, Elijah of OneDoorLand will be staying in Victoria BC July 30th – August 2nd to connect with the local Gene Keys community, offering personal sessions and private group tea ceremonies!

Sip the beauty and presence of old tree high vibrational tea, and sit with Elijah for reflection, contemplation, and oracular divination for your life, art, project, relationship challenges, or spiritual growth.

Learn more and book sessions – https://genekeys.onedoorland.com/private-tea-sessions-with-elijah-victoria-bc/

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