A May Zing 2017 (Live Improv) (Demo)

On May 12th 2017, the OneDoorLand community gathered for our annual celebration of Binah Zing’s Birthday. Though Binah left her physical form in 2014, we honor the living wisdom of her as our Patron Saint of Life As Art. A May Zing was inspired by her mother, father, and sister as a way to celebrate her legacy in the way she would most want~ with music and magic, merriment and morsels of delight! It was a profoundly healing experience of community, praise, and the sacred silliness of the synergenius stew.


See our Synergenius Chefs at play in the cosmic kitchen where “Love is the New Superfood”

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/220852536″ el_width=”70″ align=”center”]

As a community of musicians, one of the most powerful tools for personal healing and transformation we have discovered is through the alchemy of improvisation. During the course of the night, we erupted into the playful spirit of OneDoorLand, to dance, act, and sing our praises to the muse. This album is a collection of some of the improv-phetical songs that emerged throughout the Portal.


When listening to this music, OneDoorLand invites you to set up your own Art Night for you or your friends. Take yourself on a date into the creative realms. Create a two hour container for yourself to make art – whether you draw, paint, dance, write poetry, or any other modality of expression you feel called to. Let this music and the profound healing vibration of community melt into your present moment experience. OneDoorLand creates these types of intentional spaces to bring ourselves more deeply into the prayer of life, in the wondrous theater of existence, and into more intimate and honest connection with ourselves and the world around us. From here, we witness the growth of community, a nourishing garden to support a new way of living and learning with each other.


So take a dive and experience a night of mystery and magic through music, improvisational oracles and alchemical theater curated by the Onedoorland Synergenius Stew. Melodic handpans and kalimbas cascading into strings and serenading vocals … blend poetry and acoustic medicine songs with the living language of jam band jazz and the Gene Keys. OneDoorLand believes music is medicine, and we aspire to create a serious-silly container of prayer and beauty for deep transformation and collective liberation.

All donations to this album help feed the dream of the Synergenius Stew musical experience.

If you want to experience this type of Portal experience live, check out our upcoming show in Bend Oregon at Sol Alchemy Temple.

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