Life As Art (Live Album) (Demo)

In June, the Synergenius Stew brought the magic of OneDoorLand to Bend Oregon at the Sol Alchemy Temple. The Synergenius Chefs created an Oracular Music and Improvphetical Performance followed by a full-day art-portal-playshop experience to deepen a living community practice and embodiment of “Life As Art”.

Harvesting the gems of the weekend, OneDoorLand is happy to present a brand new live album featuring our Head Chefs. Experience a night of mystery and magic through music, improvisational oracles and alchemical theater curated by the Onedoorland Synergenius Stew. Melodic handpans and kalimbas cascading into strings and serenading vocals … blend poetry and acoustic medicine songs with the living language of jam band jazz and the Gene Keys. OneDoorLand believes music is medicine, and we aspire to create a serious-silly container of prayer and beauty for deep transformation and collective liberation. You can experience the magic of the Stew this year at Beloved Sacred Arts & Music Festival and Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse.

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Improvphetical Oracle featuring Artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison, Rosy Aronson, and Eric Nez

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