Sol Alchemy Portal (Demo)

One June 24th 2017, OneDoorLandians gathered at Sol Alchemy Temple in Bend Oregon, opening a Portal of art and music, to call in the energy of Synarchy for the yoga studio and surrounding community.

The “Portal Smiths” Elijah, Amma, Theo, Rebekah, Dave, and Eric create these intentional spaces to bring ourselves more deeply into the prayer of life, in the wondrous theater of existence, and into more intimate and honest connection with the world around us. From here, we witness the growth of community, a nourishing garden to support a new way of living and learning with each other.

We came together as a community to co-inspire the deepening of our creative potential. Each of our synergenius chefs shared stories, secrets and techniques we have found on our journey of community improv as a cultivation practice. Participants then joined in an interactive experience to expand their creative capacity together through modalities such as: painting, singing, dancing, creating beauty, and even the prayer of stillness and silence.Together we inquired how can we use our creative mediums as vehicles for awakening? How can we utilize the synergy of a coherent field as a launch pad into our higher creative capacities? This art-portal-playshop began with a sacred tea ceremony and orientation to the alchemical practice of “Life As Art”. With a room full of 16 willing participants, we underwent a whole day playshop into the Sol Alchemy Portal. This ritual of music as medicine, of art as alchemy, and of prayer through presence, we cried, we laughed, and we uncovered a gateway to the Synarchy.

OneDoorLand will continue to host these community workshops, contact us to bring a Portal to your temple!

Be sure to check out the “Life As Art” Live album recorded at the Improvphetical Show by the Synergenius Stew!

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