Earth’s Revelation (Demo)

Lady Earth Speaks Her Revelations
An Offering to Gene Key 60

The Siddhi of gene Key 60 pertains to the opening heart-field that connects all sentient life on Earth and beyond—a compassionate Justice frequency realized at a divine level. It is the transmutational breath of Earth Merkaba herself.


In parallel, Lady Earth had whispered a perspective of her yearnings in a poetic transmission through Jacqueline—a fellow journeyer of Gene Keys, around the time of the Conscious Convergence in 2010. We invite you to extend your imagination beyond science, religion, belief or empirical evidence, to take a leap of faith and listen to her heartsongs. Earth’s sentience is not just an esoteric concept—it is a guiding Light, quintessential across time and space.


The best way to enter this portal is to take your time, set your space, turn off the lights, and put on headphones or turn up the volume (be sure to watch in HD). May these images of light and sounds of love be offered to your cells with the highest quality of trust, integrity, beauty, and compassion. (~6.5 minutes)

Poem: Earth’s Revelations
From the book: Exultation- Erotic Tales of Divine Union
By author and video producer: Jacqueline Sa

Featuring the Voice of Carrie Anne Huneycutt –
Music by Entheo Music –
Video by Elijah –
Art by Eric Nez –

All footage is royalty free stock footage, custom made mandalas by Elijah of OneDoorLand, and artwork by Eric Nez

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