Into the Core – California Gene Keys Retreat (October) (Demo)

Into the Core – Gene Keys Weekend Retreat

Join the OneDoorLand team for an in-person Gene Keys Retreat in the Magical Redwoods, October 27 – 29. We will gather at a beautiful private estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains and deepen into the Gene Keys Transmission together

This retreat invites us into the Core of the Venus Sequence, unwinding our hidden wounds as precious gifts of liberation. This is a chance to deeply embody the principles and practices of the Venus Stream, individually and collectively, as we transition into the Pearl Sequence of prosperity. Together we will dive into the depths of our core wound as a portal for our genius to emerge naturally into the world.
During this retreat you will have an opportunity to explore your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile in an experiential way. We will journey together for the entire weekend, creating a safe container for authentic sharing and deep transformation. We will cook, sleep, share and dance together. We will dive deep . . . .  and we will rise up . . .  and we will be real the whole way through.

Retreat includes: Sacred Tea Ceremony, Embodied Practices including the Golden Path Labyrinth, Small & Large Group Sharing Circles, Music, Art, Nature, Silence & Ritual.

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