Utooto (Feat. Amma Li) (Demo)

Experience the musical mastery of Masaru Higasa in this new album by Utooto. Recorded live at Imagine Festival, Orcas Island 2016, this album featured Head Chefs Amma Li Grace and Dave Hoover.

Check out the Featured track “Come Alive Again” led by the improvisational song prayer of Amma Li Grace.

“It is here where I enter. Every way I find to the center. Through the breathe, it’s my pathway. Coming back to home again.

We are a tapestry of the collectivity, full of ancient memory of our energy.”

-Amma Li Grace


“The essence of Utooto is crafted to create a solid foundation in which the fractal unfoldment of the greater mystery of life can reveal its weavings upon. The formation and performance of the project has been an Imagine Festival exclusive since its origination.

“Ichizoku””One tribe” or “One Family” symbolizes the family and tribe experience we share at Imagine festival, the magic and sacredness we can create when we come together.”

Hear more at https://utooto.bandcamp.com/
Cover Art – Sienna Dawn – www.artbysienna.com

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