Angamazad – Live Theater (Demo)

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The Fox & Beggar Theater invites you to step into the pages of an ancient story book. Here, you will find fairies and djinn. You will find rituals of grieving, and of enduring. You will find mad poets and ancient Shaikhs; circus tricks and magic doors; the ghost dances of dead brides and the desert songs of bird maidens. Above all, you will find a story about love.

Adapted from The 1,001 Arabian Nights, “Angamazad” fuses musical theater, spoken word, acrobatics, contemporary dance, and lavish artwork into a visually and sonically stunning journey.

Created by Heather Beckett and Nat Allister from Fox & Beggar
Costume Design by Head Chef Carrie Anne Huneycutt
Featuring a magical cast – Circus, Spoken Word, and Musical Theater
Music by Mr Moo – Video by Travis Stanton – Edited by Elijah Parker

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