Purchase Rav-Vast (Demo)

Purchase a Rav Vast Drum!

OneDoorLand now distributes the beautifully made Rav Vast Drum. These gorgeous instruments are incredibly resonate, and powerful for personal meditation, sound healing, or music production.

Prices range $750-950 depending on the chosen scale.

7-12 weeks for delivery.

Contact info@onedoorland.com for more info.

Example Track – Rav Vast G Pygmy

Example Track – G Pygmy & G Pentatonic

Available scales and demo videos

RAV Vast Pygmy
RAV Vast E Low Pygmy  (+$165) –
RAV Vast Integral
RAV Vast B Celtic double ding   (+$100)
RAV Vast B Celtic minor
RAV Vast D major
RAV Vast D Celtic minor
RAV Vast B Kurd (+$100)

Contact info@onedoorland.com for more information

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