Paititi Institute – Dreamwork Tea Event (Demo)

Awakening Presence Through Dreamwork and Tea


Join us for a very special collaboration between OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios, Paititi Institute, and Heavens Tea School of Sacred Tea Arts, for a journey into the depths of our heart and soul.

Both our dreams and tea are gateways to inner growth, healing, and the subtle mysteries of existence. These gifts from nature are here to help us align to the flow of nature and intuit the language of life. Through them we can start to unravel the basic archetypes found in nature and begin to understand the deeper layers of subconscious communication they offer in our waking and dreaming life.


To decipher dreams, a secret language is introduced in native communities from a very early age. The dream language, or the language of nature as many refer to it, is a poetic language of metaphors, symbols and associations. The ability to point to inner qualities and characteristics using metaphors others can relate to is the very foundation of communication that modern language has developed from. The origins of modern language can be traced back to an animistic way of experiencing the world where mountains, rivers, moon and stars are the living expressions of innate human qualities in harmony with the universe. A number of the Ando-Amazonian tribes to this day maintain their ancestral heritage as a reminder of the evolutionary revelation that gave birth to human culture.

Shamanic / Transpersonal Dreamwork is a method to gain insights and receive communication from the subconscious that can bring us closer to wholeness, our true essence, and activation of our highest potential. Dreams are perceived in this context as a communication from our higher selves and an existential key to healing and development. This communication serves as an ongoing blueprint for the evolutionary transformation and elevation of quality in our lives.

During the journey, we will explore the secret language of dreams from someone in the group who’ve had at least 7 of their recent dreams written prior, and is willing to share openly with the group as a means to help all participants recognize the communication of their own soul. Throughout our dreams, the super-consciousness, aka our true nature, is communicating directly to us by painting in the familiar associations and recognizable metaphors from our life experience for our inner artist of consciousness transformation to awaken.


Together as we immerse into the world of our dreams, we will drink a few rare teas in series, each of which will shift our awareness, open and take us to new places within the Higher Self. Like drinking a song, each tea is a note and stringing the notes together produces a beautiful journey through the vibrations of Self and Nature. “Tea is a plant that helps humans have a visceral experience of both their humanity and their divinity and how to move through this life embracing both as sacred.”


Dreamwork will be guided by Roman Hanis

Tea Journeys will be guided by Tea Master Po and Elijah Parker


  • $20.00 to $50.00 – Sliding Scale Conbribution (Includes Course Work & Tea Ceremony)

We will collect a $20 deposit upon registration. If we are not are not able to accept you into the program your deposit will be refunded. If you have to cancel your registration your deposit will be refunded so long as you cancel with one weeks advanced notice. If you cancel after this, your deposit is non-refundable. Your remaining contribution can be paid when you arrive at the program. Cash is best.

$20-50 sliding scale

*includes ceremonial tea session


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